Our mission: Making disciples who faithfully follow Jesus in every generation

Make Disciples – For those do not yet know and trust Jesus, we seek to connect them to his grace: to the new and abundant life he gives through faith. For those who do know and trust Jesus, we seek to help them grow in their love, commitment and walk with him.

Faithfully Follow Jesus – When God calls us to new life in Jesus Christ through his gospel, he calls us to entrust our whole life to Jesus. He calls us to follow him in what we believe and in what we do. We seek to make disciples who faithfully hold to what Jesus says is true, and who faithfully pursue the way of life that Jesus says is good; because ultimately, his way is the way to abundant life.

In Every Generation – We seek to make disciples in each distinct generation: Boomers, Gen X, Millennial, Z, and Alpha. And we want to make disciples in our current moment in history – in this generation, and every generation.

Our vision: Each one sent

In Scripture we see that God’s people are sent people – transformed by his grace and sent out carrying his redemptive and renewing gospel everywhere we go. FCC is a sending church. Sent by God to our homes, schools and workplaces as witnesses to Jesus. Sending part of every dollar out in gospel ministry. Sending high school graduates out ready to serve and lead in God’s kingdom. Sending church planters out to plant new churches. Our vision is to be seriously strong sending church. Each One Sent.